Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Some Sad News

Well gentlemen, I've been putting this off but since time is rapidly running out, I need to come clean. If you remember, last year I spent some time working in Australia on a robot project. Just before this past Christmas, I was contacted by the university we worked with to see if I was interested in continuing on with the project down there with them. Talked it over with wife, daughter, parents, siblings, friends, etc as at our age, one's life is not to do with as one pleases. There are duties and responsibilities to others that must be considered before you can consider your own. But the general consensus was 'Are you crazy - GO!!!!. It's actually a good time - Daughter Julie is out of grad school and working at her first 'real' job. Both sets of parents are in good health and gave us their blessing for taking off. Off we go then - for at least 2 years.

So we've been scrambling to reorganize my own business here since January - and to try and wrap up SusieQ so she was in some movable form. In a Herculean effort last week, we got the front/rear valances installed, the taillights in, the rear bumper on, the front fenders on and the stone guard bolted up. Bought a one-stall garage from a local Amish building company and planted it in the backyard. Last Saturday, we loaded up the car and transported her about 5 miles from the shop to my house.

Right now then, she is sitting about 50 ft from me, snug in her new home and wrapped up for a 2 year hibernation. A shame as it looked like we would have probably gotten her on the road this summer. But she'll be here when we get back and I'll probably get a few weeks worth of work on her when we come back for vacation. Here then is your last look at SusieQ for an extended duration. Of course, I expect you all to continue your own work, and look forward to your postings as I live vicariously through your work while I'm gone. Take of yourselves then and keep those wrenches warm!

SusieQ heading towards hibernation - March 29, 2014


  1. Wow! What an incredible opportunity! You'll have to leave your contact information so we can go "down under" and mooch off...ur I mean visit you. Maybe we can take a side trip over to Mike's and check out his 'vert progress. God's speed to you on your new adventure.

  2. I'm thinkin you shoulda dropped Susie off somewhere is S.E. Michigan with a work list and a deposit! Tee hee! All the best to you and your wife and safe and prosperous travels. Don't forget us over here!

  3. Holy cow! What an excellent reason to put a project on hold! Working in Oz is an amazing opportunity that I too would jump at if given the chance.

    Go man GO!