Saturday, September 3, 2011

Interior / Trunk - 2

Back into the trunk and interior today. Getting ready to move the car to a new location and wanted to button some things up beforehand. Would like to get the gas tank installed so hence the focus on the trunk. Got the trunk speckle-painted last weekend and wanted to touch up the inner wheel wells. It looked like someone threw sand on them before they sealed them with primer during the first restoration. Got the palm sander out and hit what I could - and what I couldn't - got hand sanded. Few hours later, a little primer and she's not looking too bad. Probably re-sand to fill the small stuff and hit it again. Found a can of Plasti-Kote on-line called Ford Candy Apple Red. If the cap color is any indication, it looks close to what I have. For the trunk area it will be good enough.

 While the primer was drying, I headed back into the interior. I've been piddling around with the left quarter window for too long. A pile of rust, bent regulators, warped tracks and worn-out bushings. Finally getting to the end of it though. Found a good used regulator on-line and was able to hammer the tracks back into their proper shapes. Sand blasted and powder coated the inner regulator mounting plate this past week. Just needed to POR-15 the inner quarter panel patches and then start into reassembly.

Once I got the POR-15 brushed on, I moved a bit forward and got the front carpet reinstalled over the fresh Dynamat. Threw on the shifter bezel and handle and called it a day. Good progress!