Thursday, February 9, 2012

More Steering Wheels

Found a good resource for steering wheels tonight. Here's the link:

I found 2 wheels from Billet Specialties that really caught my eye.

Steering Wheel Advice

Since we are still swamped at the robot shop - about all I can do is some evening parts searching for SusieQ. I'm about ready for a steering wheel as the interior is nearly done except for putting the seats in. Which I'll probably hold off on doing until the convertible top frame is rehab'ed. I see no reason to work around them if I don't have to.

I've definitely decided I want a 15" wheel - mostly because I have a non-power steering car.  And as it is intended for my wife, I don't want her having to muscle it around while parking. It will be tough enough with a 15" wheel w/o handicapping her further with a smaller one. Unfortunately that really narrows the available choices.

Obviously the LeCarra / Moto Lita's come immediately to mind but the wood-look just doesn't  fit our car. I changed the woodgrain dash to the black camera finish so there's really nothing that would tie a wood steering wheel to the car. But they are beautiful wheels.

LeCarra makes two styles I really like, but of course, they only come in 14"

I think the slots would complement our wheel choice nicely:

If it wasn't for the slight dish, I would just waterjet what I want out of some 7075 aluminum sheet, attach a wood rim to it and then have someone wrapped it in leather. Or alternately buy a wooden MotoLita and do the same thing though that seems almost sacrilege to cover up one of those beautiful wheels in leather.

Over thinking it? Just buy the wooden Moto Lita and move on? Alternatives that I don't know about? All comments welcomed - except using the exceptionally ugly original one with the flower vase that poses as the center cap. Whew someone took the ugly stick to those things!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Useful Photo Link

Found a 68 Shelby Convertible for sale on Ebay - a mere $139,995.00 and she's yours!!!

A very nice collection of photos though that might useful to some of you. Especially a shot of the lower reinforcement plate that we have been batting back and forth. This is installed in the same orientation as mine. 

Here's the link. A spectacular car!!!

68 Shelby Convertible pics