Friday, March 2, 2012

GT/CS Deck Lid

Saw this F/G deck lid for a Shelby / GT/CS on E-Bay a few weeks back. Thought about going after it as they are pretty rare but decided I had more important things to spend the car budget on. No one bit on it at $495 but I noticed it was posted again this week.

67/68 Shelby / GT/CS deck lid

And since I'm on deck lids, I can describe what I have in mind in that area. I don't particularly like the 67/68 Shelby deck lids. The spoiler is just too high for me and seems out of proportion when viewed from behind. So what I'm thinking is getting an aftermarket one from Tony Branda and trimming about an inch out of the top of it then re-profiling the 1/4 end-caps to match. This will result in a look much closer to the 70/71 Torino deck lid - which for me is one of the best looking integral rear spoilers out there. Subtle yet distinctive.

Torino Cobra w/ integral spoiler

And in the spirit of full disclosure - a 71 Torino GT was my first car. Bright red with laser-fade stripe down the side. Beautiful car when she was brand new. Unfortunately I rescued mine from a barn yard and put 2 gallons of bondo in the quarters to get it inspected. When my Dad slid out from under it one day after running a screw driver through a rear frame rail, we decided she had outlived her usefulness. I actually was working my way through college at time down at the local junk yard. So I was there the day they fed her to the Shredder. Very sad. I did managed to grab the driver's racing mirror off her just before she took the plunge. Still have it hung from the peg board in the basement. Our first cars always stick with us don't they?